I’m Adrien, I was born on early 80’s, during the Analogic – Digital transition. I began tinkering computers early, my first computer was an Apple II … and caught the virus because I’m still into it. I always loved learning, but ever been bad at school. That’s why all I know has been self-taught, I learn so many things, 2D drawing, 3D modeling, a bit of electronics, a lot of computer science, animation, sewing, tinkering in a high range,I’m super curious in lot of fields !

I worked as IT then graphic designer, specialized in 3D and VFX. I went to 3D printing because it gave me liberties at building things. As I like videogames, comics, fantasy, role playing, boardgames, cartoons, music, High Tech and so on, I’m building stuffs related to all of that. I had the occasion to teach on fields I am the better at , that’s why I’ve created this B_log, I like to share and exchange on stuff I like.