Month: April 2020

  • April 14, 2020


    I’m a big Zelda fan since the first one, I always wanted a cool Zelda themed object. As I like retrogmaing, swords and shiny glowing stuff, it was natural that I build this retrogame station with a Raspberry Pi and Recalbox, that boots when putting the sword into. You can see it in action on my youtube channel. COMPONENTS_ For the electronics, I’ve used :  – A Raspberry Pi3B (I advise you to use a Pi3B+ for cooling purpose) – An Arduino Nano – A Micro USB connector – A micro-switch – A Neutrik HDMI connector – A HMDI ribbon – 11 adressable LEDs – 2 squared neodyme magnets 5*2 – A male Jack cable – A femal Jack connector And some wires, screws and threads. 3D PRINTED PIECES_ This project is composed by 2 parts : The pedestal where the Raspberry Pi stands and the sword. I decomposed the case in 3 parts :   – Base – Body – Lid There are other pieces for the switch, the HDMI and the Triforce. The sword has 6 pieces : – The body in 2 parts – The pommel and grip, with a piece to attach them – The end of the sword where the magnet fits  You can order one by contacting me.You can find the STLs here. ARDUINO, LEDS AND CODE_ I start by preparing LEDs and Arduino, I have to install the code. For this project, I need 2 libraries : Adafruit neopixel and Arduino thread. There are 11 LEDs, 9 yellows for the Triforce et 2 blues that will light the sword. I wanted them to fade-in fade-out but at 2 different frequences. I’ll plug DATA cable to PIN 5. Here is the code : #include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> #include <Thread.h> //define NeoPixel Pin and Number of LEDs #define PIN 5...
  • April 4, 2020


    I always wanted to have an assistant. Well, after a long research, I had to face the truth : I have to build one by myself. Here it is : The Macintouch ! It’s an articulated artoy, looking like a Macintosh with some electonics in it for making it alive. It’s a mix from an artoy i’ve made few years ago and the “Adafriend” from Adafruit. This little guy reacts as you bumps his head thanks to a vibration sensor. It has several moods : Neutral, happy, angry and sad. It makes some sounds and whistle songs when drunk happy. PARTS_ For the electronics you’ll need :  – The Adafruit Pro trinket 5V  – The Adafruit Backpack Lipo  – The Adafruit 8*8 LED Matrix  – A fast vibration sensor SW-18010P – One 3.7V 500Mah Lipo – A  7*7 self lock switch 6 pins – A 12mm buzzer – Two 2.5*4mm metalic inserts with two 2.5*8mm screws – A 2.5*20mm screw You can use other brand parts but those fits perfectly on this project.  For the arms and legs, you’ll need : – Some silicone/rubber hose (Diam. 7mm) – Some thick copper wire  3D PRINTS_ The structure is composed by : – The box in two parts : front and back – The screen support and bezel where fits the screen – The power switch with support (notice that the support doesn’t appear on the upper picture) – Hands and shoes You will find STLs here. These STLs are FREE ! But you can help me buying materials to make more stuff here !   ASSEMBLY Well, for the wiring, I will not translate it. I assume that you speak a good english so here is the wiring tutorial from Adafruit. Now, the screen. Insert the matrix on the support, then the bezel. Insert the whole thing on the front...