Month: July 2020

  • July 17, 2020


    If there is one object I’d like to have, it’s certainly a Tabletop from Nintendo. I remember playing one of those when I was about ten years old and really enjoyed playing this beauty. The problem is that today, I’m not sure of which kidney I’m going to sell to get one in good conditions. So, I had to build one by myself.  COMPONENTS_ For this project, the components are pretty basic. The trick is the use of a NESPI case+ to save time (and money) on electronics. Note that it’s possible to make one with the NESPI Case basic. So we have : – A NESPI case+ – A Raspberry PI ( used a 3B+ for thermal purpose ) – 6 red Sanwa SDM-18 push buttons ( the same one I used in my Pi_Commander ) – A small joystick like CV4-YQ-04R2G ( exists under several names, with better quality ) – A NES “START SELECT” silicone buttons and some protoboard to make the contactors – An 800×480 HDMI 5″ screen – A Flat HDMI ribbon  ( the same one I used in my Pi_Commander ) – A PAM 8302 for sound – A rectangular speaker, salvaged from an old screen with integrated speakers – In my souvenirs, there was a magnifying lens, so I get a Fresnel lens from the Quanum FPV V2 upgrade which got the perfect size for this project. Not mandatory, but gives an HUGE plus to the experiment. Obviously, some wires, some Duponts et some screws. The cool thing is that you can use the micro screws from the NESPI case. For the other screws, it’s 2.5 et 3mm diameter. Note that this is a first version. I’m finalizing the V2 which should cost less and have some improvements such as :  – Custom PCB with soft touch buttons – An analog...