Month: May 2020

  • May 17, 2020


    You certainly saw the Tomy RaceCab, an arcade version of the Tomy Racing Turbo toy dedicated to racing games. It gaves me an idea, why not doing the same for air combat simulation ! Fortunatly, some jet fighter cockpit toys where made by Tomy and others. I just needed to put some Recalbox in it to create a Jet fighter simulator ! You can see it in action here. COMPONENTS_   Roughly for this project, I needed : – A jet fighter cockpit toy such as “Sky Commander” – An arcade joystick looking like those you can find on Jet Fighters – A Sanwa SDM-18 push button – A tactile push button – A Raspberry Pi 3A+ – A 4″ 800×480 HDMI TFT screen – A Flat HDMI ribbon – A PAM 8403  – A speaker – A cob LED  – A female Micro USB connector – A switch And some resistors and wires. 3D PRINTS_ For this project I needed to adapt some stuff. First : The screen. The original screen was an opaque filter fixed by 3 screws. I had to adapt the frame to be able to install the TFT. Second : Joystick. The original base from the stick was way too large to fit into the case. I wanted to keep the original PCB, which was installed under the control plate. So I had to build a new base, smaller than the original in 3 parts to fit into the toy, without damaging the control plate. Then I’ve changed the microswitches to have a better sensibility for the controls. This is the gusset. Not essential but more aesthetic. I’ve printed it with NinjaFlex for it to deform while using the controls.  Then I printed some random RPI3 A+ case to maintain the PI into the toy. ELECTRONICS_ This...